Kate Hines picture

Kate Hines has been passionately creating jewelry since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. She first established her studio in Boston’s historic South End, employing emerging young artisans eager to work with her on her jewelry collections. Kate's premier collections were exhibited in prestigious galleries in London, Australia, Boston and New York including Aaron Faber and (emerging) Artwear.

In the past few decades, Kate has been in the forefront of the the resurgence of American fine art jewelry. A devoted following of buyers waits for her private label collections for catalogs and stores nationwide. Her designs are charged with ineluctable beauty in form and materials.

"A woman wears jewelry that is of her choosing, that is an expression of herself. Once chosen, it is no longer the designer's, but her own.”

Which brings us to pearls.

"They are light solidified. Both inspiring and expressing simplicity. Like the same stream you can never step in twice, each pearl is different. Softer than jewels, they warm against your skin. They can, and should, be worn everyday, whether you are dressed in your T-shirt or your tiara.”